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There has been a huge advancement in the field of science and technology. From the field of communication to nuclear science, the progress is simply amazing. But what about the menace of hazardous waste that spread and cause deadly diseases. This is where pest management steps in to offer strict vigil and implementation of scientific methods.

Reliable Facility Services Private Limited’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) helps create a healthier environment in hospitals and offices without using hazardous pesticide products.

The focus of Reliable Facility Services Private Limited is to identify the sources of pest problems and reduce the pollution scare with a zero infection atmosphere. Improvement of sanitation, making structural repairs (such as repairing leaks in pipes and caulking cracks) and using physical or mechanical controls such as screens, traps and weeders make it possible to create a hygienic environment.

Reliable Facility Services Private Limited believes any use of pesticide must be notified to client prior to the application to enable us to take necessary precautions.